Circular head area ride 28/11/21

Greg, Cheryl, Mark, Anthony, John,young Mark and new rider Chris fronted for this ride .Rode down to Detention as usual, then down to Arthur River shop for our usual fish and chips, then around the entire Tarkine loop ,back to highway and home. Weather was good, making this an enjoyable ride. 

Greg  E

Tas Motorcycle day ride 21/11/21

Greg, Cheryl, Mark and Ian left early again for this long ride. Oatlands Oval was OK for the bike show. Mark, Cheryl and I rode back via the lakes, so ended up being a long day. Weather was good. 

Greg  E

Memorial Ride 7/11/21

Good turnout for the ride, early start, weather Good, no more need be said. 

Greg  E

Pink ribbon ride for cancer 17/10/2021

Greg, Cheryl, Mark, Anthony, Peter, Mike V, John F and son Mark participated in this year's awareness ride for cancer. Rode out around the Merseylea road, making our first stop at ETC.Then down highway to Perth Roadhouse for a short break. Down highway to Campbell Town for lunch. Rode back around the longer road to Longford, turning off onto the Bishopsbourne road, into Carrick for fuel, Westwood, Birralee road, Frankford and home. Thanks to all who donated for this worthy cause 

Greg  E

Round Mtn ride 10/10/2021

Rode out through Forthside, up to Wilmot, down through Cethana, up over Round Mountain ,Mole Creek, and into Deloraine for lunch. Rode back to Sheffield for final legstretch then home. Good weather for this ride.

Greg  E

Tarkine loop ride 03/10/2021

Finally,a decent Sunday for a ride weather wise. Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Anthony and John F rode down to Detention as usual, but Bob didn't turn up this time. After the coffee and snacks, decided to only ride half the loop road from Roger River to Arthur River for fish and chips. Into Smithton for fuel and home. Good to get out on the road again after a 3 month spell.

Greg  E

Exeter bakery for lunch 27/09/2020

Greg, Cheryl, Mark,Russell, Colin, Mike V and Anthony left  Devonport, out around various roads here and there, and having lunch at the bakery. Afterwards, rode towards Launceston, turning off onto Eccleston road, past Tasmania zoo, Westbury, Exton,Reedy Marsh,onto highway, and into Sheffield for final coffee and snacks. Weather was ok ,but still a bit cool. 

Greg E  volunteer rc 

The Not to Woolnorth ride 13/09/2020

Only Greg and Mark turned up for this ride. Weather forecast was for a windy day, but no rain, so decided to ride to Detention River shop and see what happens from there. Bob joined us there. Afterwards, decided to ride out to Roger River, over the Kununnah bridge, turning left, past Sumac lookout, through Trowutta, and back into Smithton for lunch at Sadies milk bar. The wind wasn't too bad, and it was good to have a tailwind on the way back for a change. 

GREG E  volunteer RC 

Northwest Memorial ride 6/9/2020

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Ian, Mark, John F and son Mark and Anthony turned up for this longish ride. This was the first ride Cheryl and I  have participated in since Covid reared it's ugly head 6 months ago. Rode down highway, making our first stop at Perth Roadhouse. Then to Campbelltown, over Lake Leake road to Swansea Bark Mill for lunch as usual. Rode back via Elephant Pass, St Marys, Fingal, Avoca, stopping at Epping Forest ,then home. We clocked up 550 klms for the day. Weather was ok, but nothing to rave about just yet 

Greg E  RC 

Mount Claude 5th July.

I'm more than happy to at last write a ride report that seems months (and is) since the last one.
4 of us rolled up on what was a beautiful sunny and quite warm winters day, Trevor who is turning into something of a stalwart these days, Len who has come back into the fold after a few years away and Rob who has at last got his Beemer back together.
With Trevor as TEC we did a little highway to go through Merseylea, Railton, Sunnyside then Sheffield for a quick pit stop, then off to Mount Claude, Dairy Plains and Meander for Burgers with the lot; all round.
With the winter sun being low in the afternoons and in your eyes when heading west we decided to make it a fairly short ride home so we went via Golden Valley, Quamby Brook, Reedy Marsh, Deloraine and Weetah finishing our day at ETC.

Great day, RC  Ian.

Plimsoll loop ride 23/2/20

Greg, Cheryl, John L,John F & son Mark left Burnie, riding via the Gorge to Waratah roadhouse for coffee and snacks. Weather was perfect for this ride. Then rode through Tullah, into the Rosebery bake house for lunch. Afterwards rode around the Plimsoll road in the opposite way that we normally would, having a break at the toilet block in Tullah. Rode back down the Ridgley highway, with a final stop at Highclere roadhouse. Another excellent ride 

Greg E  volunteer RC
Rossarden ride 16/2/20

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Ian and Colin fronted for this ride  (with some trepidation ).I can now report that the "curse of the  Rossardens"did not rear it's head this time. The whole ride went like clockwork. Left Devonport, riding down the highway to Longford bakery for coffee and snacks. Then back on the highway, turning off at Conara junction, to Avoca for legstretch. Decided to ride the Rossarden loop road in the opposite direction that we did  last time  (when we actually made it there ).
 Theshort gravel section was in better condition than some of the bitumen roads that we had just been on. What a great loop road it is, got everything you could possibly want on a road bike. Had lunch at Avoca cafe, fuelled up bikes, and headed back down highway to home.See ya next time

Greg E  volunteer RC 
Reese dam loop Rd 9/2/20

Great turnup of 11 bikes  (for a Sunday ) ,greeted with perfect weather  (for a change ) .Made our first coffee and snacks break at Waratah roadhouse, having ridden via the Gorge to get there. Then turned onto Reese dam road, having a legstrech at the dam wall as usual. What a bike road this is!!,it's got everything. Ended up having a late lunch at Rosebery, we dispersed to go our separate ways home after that. Another excellent ride, perfect weather, good company. Bring on the Rossarden ride, am determined to get there this time  (weather permitting )

Greg E   volunteer RC 

Savage river ride 19/01/20

Ian, Colin, Mark and Shayne turned out for this one. Left Burnie and went to Wynyard to take the Oldina Rd to Yolla then up through the gorge and into Waratah for lunch. After lunch it was a spirited run out to savage and back before heading over the Cradle link Rd and down into Forth for a lovely cold drink. A great days riding.

R.C Shayne

The not to Woolnorth ride 29/12/19

Greg, Cheryl, Colin, John, Mark, Rod, Shayne, Russell and Ian left Burnie riding down to Detention River shop, where Bob joined us. As the weather was perfect, decided to go around the Tarkine loop road instead of Woolnorth. Some sections of the road to Tayateah bridge had potholes which were hard to avoid  (I guess they will fix them one day )After a short stop, rode around to Kununnah bridge, then into Arthur River shop for lunch. Highway to home. Nice warm day for riding, hopefully enjoyed by all. 

Greg E  RC 
Dirt bike ride - Penguin 28/12/19

Just thought I'd let you know how the ride went. Greg, Shayne, David, Phil and Skip turned up. Tracks were challenging to say the least. Most of us had little offs here and there, but no great damage done. I find that the older one gets, it's physically hard work, but thoroughly enjoyable none the less. Thanks again Shayne for finding my mobile phone when it flipped out of my pouch. Next ride on calendar at Bakers Beach.

Greg E   

Lilydale Ride 22/12/19

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Colin and Trevor turned up for this one. Weather was perfect. Rode through to Exeter Bakery for morning stop. Trevor left the ride there  (had things to organize )while the rest of us went over Batman bridge, Mt Direction ,through to Bridport road, a slight detour into Weymouth, then another slight detour into Bellingham, then into Lillydale cafe for lunch. Rode back via Beaconsfield, Howell. An excellent ride enjoyed by all. 

Greg E volunteer RC

Tamar valley ride 8/12/19

Shayne, Russell and Trevor for this ride on a beautiful sunny day with no wind (YAY). Decided to head to Mole Ck for lunch instead of the Tamar valley so we left through Spreyton onto Sheffield Main Rd to Nook then a few back roads zig-zagging to Staverton and to the top of Round Hill for a leg stretch. From there it was a lovely ride over the top and down through the Karst to Mole Ck for lunch at the pub. After our feed we went through South Mole Ck, caveside, Meander, Golden Valley and the Porters Bridge loop down through Moltema to Railton for a comfort stop. I told the boys i needed to get some things from Supercheap so we headed down Railton Rd to Frogmore corner where we went our seperate ways. A great ride.

RC Shayne

Back roads to Sheffield 17/11/19

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Ian, MikeV and Trevor turned up for this ride. Left Burnie, up Mount St, to Ridgley, around Circular Road, down past Guide Falls, out to Tewksbury, stopping at Highclere roadhouse for morning coffee and snacks. Then down to Natone, South Riana, Gunns Plains, Castra, Sprent, Paloona, and into Sheffield for lunch. Weather was fine but cool and breezy. Went our separate ways to home. A good ride, but still a bit nippy for thorough enjoyment. 

Greg E   volunteer RC 
Great Lakes 10th November.

Greg, Cheryl, Robbie, Trevor and Colin arrived at the Home Maker Center on what was looking like a cold wet blustery day up the lakes so we decided to go to Longford and take it from there.
After Kelsey Tier we took the Railton road then through Merseylea, Kimberley and turned left at Villaret Gardens to jump on the highway then another left to Weetah then to Deloraine for a pit stop. The next leg was via Bracknell and Bishopsbourne and Longford for lunch.
With the weather still not looking too good up the top we went down Illawarra road to the old highway made a right then a left to Westwood remerging back on the highway turning right, then left at the roundabout just before Hagley to take us to Westbury then Golden Valley and Meander for an afternoon pit stop, then it was Montana, Red Hills and finally ETC to finish the day after a good ride in good company.

RC Ian. 

Tullah Lodge overnighter

The North West Coast and Tamar Tourers branch joint overnighter at Tullah Lakeside Lodge on the 2nd of November was brilliant. There were 25 of us total with some staying one night in the very comfortable Lodge while others in campers stayed the weekend and despite the appalling weather on the Saturday Morning some hardy souls even came on bikes.
Tullah Lakeside Lodge is a great place to stay and sits beside a picturesque lake as the name implies , it has good amenities, friendly staff and with excellent food, what more could you want: Highly recommendable.
It was a pleasure to spend an afternoon and evening with like minded people and gave us the opportunity to take the attached photo showing 3 of the 4 Branch Presidents, left Mike Boss Walker 2002 to 2003, right Rod Priestley 2003 to 2009, center Ian Grant 2013 and still going, not shown Kevin Goodwin 2009 to 2013.
A good time was had by all with much bullshit and many laughs and I expect some sore heads in the morning and as requested it will be on next years calendar.
Lilydale ride 29/09/2019

388 km.
Robbie turned up and went west, Greg n Cheryl wished us well as they had other things to do so Lynn Coates, Fred on Ian's old FJR, Rod, and me on the Bandit set off to lillydale via holwell, rowella cross the batman to pipers river and then inland to bangor and north lillydale where Fred went right and the rest turned left to Scottsdale for dinner. After dinner we traveled the sidling to perth to cressy and home through Blackwood creek Deloraine and Railton. Thanks to those that came and to the rest that didn't you missed another good ride.
Cheers Mark 
Memorial ride 08/09/2019

With the weather forecast not promising, decided to ride anyway and see what happens. Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Ian and Colin left Devonport  (under clear skies )riding to Perth Roadhouse where we met up with the Tourers. 15 bikes left Perth, riding down highway into Campbelltown for legstretch. Then rode over Lake Leake road to Swansea Bark Mill, where the Hobart branch joined us. After a short service to remember fellow Ulyssians who have " ridden on " during the year, we had an adequate lunch  (weather still ok). North west coasters decided to ride back via Bicheno, Elephant Pass, St Marys, Fingal, Avoca, stopping at Epping Forest for legstretch. (Weather was looking more threatening, so on with the waterproofs just in case ),encountered some rain at Elizabeth Town, but not too bad. All up, it was an excellent ride, and thanks again to the hardy souls who participated. 

Greg E  RC 
Bridport ride 25/08/2019

Finally, a half decent day weatherwise to go for a ride, together with Ian, Colin, John, Mark ×2 ,Trevor, Peter, MikeV, and Russell. Rode along highway, turning off at the Sassafras school road, onto Frankford road, into Exeter bakery for first stop. Then up to Mt Direction, Paling track, turned left and out onto the road to Bridport for lunch stop. The day was still young, so decided to ride to Scottsdale, Sidling, Launceston, highway and into ETC for last coffee and snacks. Good to get back on the bike again ,after all the inclement weather we've had the last couple of months 

Greg E  RC 
Meander  26 May

Only 4 of us rolled up for this one on what was promising to be a very wet day.
We took a convoluted route to Elizabeth Town where I said my goodbyes about midday and just made it home before it persisted down.
Apparently Brian, Martin and Howard got soggy a bit later but thanks for turning up anyway.

RC Ian.
Woolnorth ride (almost) 19/5/19

Greg, Cheryl, Ewald, Robbie, Trevor, John F and son Mark turned up for this one. Cheryl and I were a bit late getting to Burnie, so Ewald had already offered to lead the ride, so out through some Burnie back roads we went  (a couple that we had never been on as well ),up Oldina, Calder road, and out onto the highway at Flowerdale, then stopping at Detention River shop for lunch. Afterwards we rode around the Forest, Edith Creek loop ,and into Smithton for a fuel topup and home. Weather was fine but cool. A special thanks to Ewald for offering to be ride leader, and the route he chose was excellent. 

Greg E 
Mothers day mystery ride 12/5/19

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Mark and Trevour participated in this ride which took us here, there and everywhere, covering about 200 klms, never getting too far from home. 

Greg E  RC 
Lilydale ride 5/5/19

Greg, Cheryl, Ewald, Graeme, Ian, Colin, John and son Mark, Trevor and the other Mark fronted for this ride. Colin reluctantly accepted ride captain duties  (for a change ) with Trevor as tail end Charlie. Rode down the Frankford as usual, over Howell, Beaconsfield, across the Batman bridge, towards Georgetown, onto Bridport road, turning off at Pipers river shop and into Lillydale cafe for lunch. Afterwards Colin asked me to take over the ride home, so we rode via Lalla, Mt Direction, Deviot,Gravelly Beach, Exeter, Winkleigh road, turning off to Glengarry, back home on the Frankford  (again ) .As we keep saying, we ride the same roads fairly often because there are only so many to pick from to get to a destination, but the main thing is, we are out there doing it. 

Greg E  and Colin (joint ride captains)

Longford 28/4/19

Not surprisingly after the weather forecast only 4 of us Robbie, Col and Russel rolled out for Sunday’s ride to Longford but it turned out to be sunny and warm (ish) considering it was our last ride before winter.
We went via Forth, Kindred, Paloona, Sheffield, Railton, Mersey lea, Kimberley, Weegena and Red Hills Making our first stop at Deloraine. Then Reedy Marsh, Exton, Bracknell and Cressy finally having lunch in the sunshine at Longford Bakery.
We came back on a shorter route taking the back roads through Rosevale, Bridgenorth and Glengarry then going up the Birralee road to Westbury finishing the day at ETC.

Good ride and company RC Ian.
Tayateah bridge byo BBQ lunch ride 21/4/19

Greg, Cheryl, John F and son Mark headed off to Detention River shop where we met up with Bob. After coffee and snacks ,rode to Smithton, Irishtown,Edith Creek, then over Kununnah bridge, Sumac, and stopping for lunch at Tayateah bridge. Into Smithton for the obligatory comfort stop, and rode back to the Rockycape shop to refuel, (for a change ),then highway home. Weather was perfect for riding. 

Greg E   RC 
Tamar valley ride 31/3/19

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, MikeV, Robbie and Trevor turned up for this ride. Rode via Frankford, Howell, Beaconsfield, Flowery gully to Exeter Bakery for morning stop. Afterwards decided to take a few roads here and there, all the while making our way to Meander shop for lunch. (The midweek riders said it was pretty good now, so decided to check it out ).They were right, and good value for money too. Afterwards rode back to Sheffield via Mole Creek and the Gog for final legstretch and home. About 350 ks for the day. Thanks to those that participated in making it a great day. 

Greg E   volunteer RC  (as usual)

Cethana/Wilmot area ride 7/4/19

With the weather looking dodgy again it was just myself Greg, Russell and Mark on this one. Wound our way through some nice twisty back roads to Sheffield for a coffee and a bite. The plan was to go over the Gog and out Mayberry way over the top of Round Mtn, but by the time we got to the caravan park at mole creek it was drizzling. Decided to head straight home as it was getting heavier. A quick good ride.

RC Shayne

Tewksbury Loop ride 24/3/19

Only Greg, Cheryl and Shayne fronted for this ride(weather forecast wasn't looking real flash ) Decided to carry on regardless, and after a  couple of back roads, stopped at Highclere roadhouse for coffee and snacks. Raining steadily now, so decided to skip the Tewksbury loop road, and ride down towards Upper Natone. Shayne decided to ride straight home from there, while Cheryl and I rode down to Gunns Plains wildlife park. Rode back via North Motton .

Greg E  RC 
Woolnorth ride 17/3/19

The weather forecast was perfect for this ride.Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Ian, Mark,and Ewald rode down to Detention River shop, where Neville F was waiting. After coffee and snacks, decided to ride up the Dip Falls road to where the bitumen ends, then around the loop road to Edith Creek, and into Smithton  (for a comfort stop ).After refueling, rode down to the windfarm carpark  (you could see why they put the windfarm there, it was pretty windy and they were spinning fairly well )then back to Smithton for a late lunch and home. A good mix of roads were enjoyed by all. 

Greg E  volunteer RC 

Longford area 10/3/19

Just the four of us on this one, myself, Colin, Peter and Les. We wandered off through Railton, the Bridle track and Weegeena into Deloraine for a leg stretch before heading to JJs bakery via Golden valley, Glenore and Bishopbourne. After a lovely lunch we went via Pateena Rd across the highway and checked out Rosedale, Bridgenorth and the Frankford Hwy finishing at the berry patch for ice creams. Great day, Great ride.

Shayne R

Deadend roads tour 3/3/19

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Ian and Shayne fronted for this ride. Weather was ok,but the forecast wasn't looking real flash for the afternoon, so we rode back down the highway to Gawler ,up the nice bendy road to Preston, turning off onto our first deadend road. Then up to Leven Canyon, and riding down to where the bitumen ends. Getting the odd shower now, so decided to ride down to Gunns Plains wildlife park for lunch .Rained a bit while we were there, so after lunch decided to call it quits and headed home. Only a short ride but enjoyable anyway. 

Greg E  RC 
Rossarden ride (Almost) 24/2/19  Part 1

Well, the Rossarden curse reared it's ugly head again  (for the third year in a row ).Greg, Cheryl, Ian, MikeV, John F and son Mark left Devonport, riding down Bass Highway to Longford bakery for coffee and snacks  (everything normal at this point ).But on the Mt Joy road, Greg hit a sharp bump and the front tyre deflated immediately. Rode slowly to Campbelltown to assess the situation. We put a bottle of tyre slime in it, and attempted to put air in, but it was coming out straight away, so decided to ride slowly back (with dead flat tyre)to Perth Roadhouse for lunch .That's when Ian and the others left to find some roads to ride home. 
Part 2 to follow 
(Ps  Managed to ride all the way home on flat tyre without any more drama )

Greg E  volunteer RC 

The Cussed Curse of the Rossarden Ride part 2.

After lunch at Perth and Greg and Cheryl assuring us they were ok for getting home the remaining 4 of us went cross country via Bishopsbourne and Bracknell towards Deloraine then up to Quamby Corner going through Golden Valley to the T junction at the Meander road where I turned left and after a couple of bends realised I was on my own so I threw a Uee  and shortly passed Mike coming the other way then going through Deloraine spotted John and Mark II filling up at the servo, then Mike caught me up on the highway so we called in ETC for last refreshment of the day and just as we were leaving Greg and Cheryl pulled in.
Interesting day to say the least.

Tarkine Loop Ride 17/2/19

Greg, Cheryl, Colin, Ewald, Shayne and Ian left  Burnie riding down to Detention River shop where we met up with Bob. After our coffees and snacks, we rode around the loop road from the Trowutta end this time, having lunch at Arthur River shop. Got a little bit of a shower near the Sumac, but otherwise the weather was pretty good all day. Another long and very enjoyable ride with good company. 

Greg E   RC 
Sidling ride 3/2/19

And another excellent days riding, and if you want to know what roads we ride to get to our destination and where we stop for drinks and snacks, come on a ride and find out. 

Greg E  volunteer RC 
Mole Creek ride 27/1/19

Another excellent days riding 

GREG E  volunteer RC 

Cradle mountain 20/1/19

9 bikes for this ride and for something a little unusual we headed out through Railton, Kimberely and Weegeena into Mole Ck for a stop at the local IGA where ice creams where the favoured thing as it was already in the high 20s. After a leg stretch it was over the Gog and up to Moina before going across Cradle to Waratah for lunch. Some low cloud across the mountain dropped the temp down to 15 degs. After lunch we made our way down through the gorge with some heading to Somerset and a few going Mt Hicks way. Another great ride.

RC Shayne

Great Lake ride 13/1/19

Ten riders turned up for this one  (again, excellent for a Sunday ) Rode to ETC via Spreyton, Railton, Kimberly for morning coffee and snacks. Afterwards down highway to Deloraine, Golden Valley and to Great Lake pub for lunch. Then down Poatina hill, Cressy ,into Longford. Took a few back roads, making our final stop at Deloraine, highway to home. Weather was fine but got pretty hot around Cressy, Longford area in the afternoon. Hopefully a good time was had by all and we will see you next time. 

GREG E volunteer RC 
Plimsoll Loop ride 6/1/19

Excellent turnup of 11 bikes for this, our first Sunday ride of the new year. Weather was ok in Burnie when we left, but the forecast for the west wasn't real flash, so we rode through Hellyer Gorge, making our first stop at Waratah roadhouse to assess the weather and have coffee and snacks. Afterwards, we decided to carry on with the original ride plan, riding down to Tullah, left onto Plimsoll road, and into Queenstown for lunch.  Got a short shower getting there, with only parts of the road wet. Rode back via Rosebery, with last legstretch at Tullah. Some rode home via Hampshire, some via Cradle link. Another great ride enjoyed by all 

Greg E  RC 
Gladstone ride 30/12/18

Greg, Cheryl, Colin, John F, Russell, Ian, Mark M ,Robbie and new rider Drew turned up for this one, and as it was the last ride for the year and the weather was perfect, it ended up being an epic journey, with Cheryl and I clocking up over 500 ks .It started from Devonport, riding down the Frankford to Exeter, only to find the Bakery closed, so we had drinks and snacks at the other shop opposite the pub. Then rode over Batman bridge,up the East Tamar highway, and after a slight detour, arrived in Lillydale for lunch .Afterwards, rode to Scottsdale, Derby, etc, and into Gladstone. Mark and Robbie decided to ride back to Bridport via the gravel road, while the rest of us went back the way we had come to Scottsdale then onto Bridport road, Exeter, Frankford and home. As l said before, it turned into a long day, but we didn't mind, as the weather was ideal.Another excellent ride. 


Mystery Ride 9/12/18 

 Let's just say it was a good ride with good people, covering good roads here and there ,so if you're curious, come along and join in 


Ross Bike Show 25 November.

Eight of us took part in the run down to Ross for the bike show, the weather being indifferent we decided to take the highway and after nearly getting blown off our bikes we stoped at Perth for a regroup and coffee. We then headed for the black clouds looming over Ross but we were lucky and only got a bit of drizzle but the temperature dropped and it was still windy so most people did a couple of laps of the bike circuit and headed for home.
It was still a good day out and nice to bump into people you haven't seen since the last show.

RC Ian.

Mole Creek  18th November.

With excellent weather and 9 people turning out it was promising to be a great day for riding.
I took on Ride Captain duty's on the Spyder and Greg in a complete reversal of roles was Tail end Charlie.
We went via Forth, Paloona Dam, Sheffield, Sunny Side, Kimberley, Weegena, Montana, Dairy Plains and Chudleigh arriving at the pub for lunch just before the Ducati owners club turned up...impeccable timing I must say!!
After Lunch we made our way to Olivers Road and up to the Mount Claude look out then to Moina and Wilmot for a regroup then up Briggs Road making our way to Stubbs Road ending the ride at the Berry Patch, or I should say tried to as it was heaving with people so we said farewell to some and what was left of us went over to Ulverstone for some last refreshments.
Great ride in good company, 

RC Ian.

Bothwell ride 11/11/18

8 riders on what was the best day, weather wise all year for this ride. The first leg took us through Railton, Merseylea, Deloraine, Glenore, Bishopbourne and into Longford for a comfort stop, before heading through Cressy and the most glorious of roads over Poatina and into Bothwell for lunch. A lovely lunch in the sun with no wind, and then a flat battery to start the journey back. Never mind a quick push from the ride captain saw it start and also saw the idiot ride captain fall on his ass when the bike started and took off.......FUN TIMES. PS. The ride captain normally carries a jump starter but it was in his 4 wheeler toolbox this week so karma kicked his butt. After lunch it was back the way we came but straight ahead to Miena and Deloraine (the great lakes Hwy?? is almost fully tarred) where we had a flat tyre to fix in Del city. After that we all headed our seperate ways home. An awesome eventful ride.

RC Shayne

Tarkine loop ride 4/11/18

As the weather forecast wasn't looking real flash, Cheryl & I drove down to Burnie to see if anyone turned up. John F&son Mark were there, with Russell arriving a few minutes later. They decided to go on a shorter ride of their choosing, then head home. 

Social Night at Tullah Lodge 27th October.

And what a great night it was with 21 members turning up helping me to celebrate my 70th Birthday with a great deal of story telling (read bull shit) and laughter.
Tullah Lodge is a very nice place to stay with comfortable rooms in a picturesque setting and serves excellent pub style meals at a reasonable cost.
The bar area is pleasant with a wood burning stove and best of all again reasonable prises, not that we spent too much time in there, (ahem).
The consensus of opinion was that we should keep it on the calendar as an annual event and I agree so thanks to all who come and made it a night to remember.

Pink Ribbon ride for cancer 21/10/18

A good turnup of 14 bikes from Northwest group left  Axemens carpark, traveling through Latrobe, Merseylea, Kimberly, Deloraine, Westbury, Carrick and into Longford, expecting to meet up with the Tourers as has always been the case in the past. Well, 15 minutes went by, then 30,so we checked on their website and it seems that they decided to change their route without letting us know. So we decided to carry on with our planned ride to Campbelltown for lunch. Afterwards we split up to a certain extent, finding different routes to home. Thanks to those who supported this worthy cause. 

Tamar valley ride 14/10/18

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Ian, Graeme and good to see Mike and Jenni Boss -Walker joining us for the ride. Went via Frankford, Howell, ending up at Greens Beach for coffee and snacks. Afterwards rode back across Batman Bridge, Mt Direction, Dalrymple road  (probably one of the bumpiest roads around, but thats why suspension was invented ),along Bridport road, turning off just past Pipers river shop,onto School road, and into Lillydale cafe for lunch. Then rode back via Lalla, Mt Direction, Exeter. 
Another enjoyable ride. 

Woolnorth ride 7/10/18

Only Cheryl and I turned up for this ride. I guess Bathurst kept a few away. We rode down to Smithton anyway, where we caught up with my old boss  (when I used to live down there ).Rode around some back roads while we there,  including Dip falls. Weather was good for a change. 


Stanley ride (Well, sort of)  23/9/18

Surprise, surprise, 12 bikes turned up for this one. Headed off to Detention River shop as we normally do, meeting up with Bob, and after the obligatory coffee and snacks, 5 riders decided to go back  (weather wasn't looking real flash )The remaining 7 were keen to keep going, so decided to ride right around the tarkine loop from the Trowutta end, stopping at the Arthur River shop for lunch. Weather was kind, but still a bit cool for thorough enjoyment. I guess it won't be long before we are saying "it's too hot now".Anyway, this ride was listed as Stanley, so on the way back, we rode past the turnoff to it,( near enough  ).

Greg E  RC 

PS, Cheryl finally got the bike out, but decided to ride back from Detention, need warmer weather she said

Cradle link road...Not this time 16/9/18

Greg, Russell , Ian and Peter turned up for this ride. With snow to low levels forecast, we decided to keep the riding to lower levels, heading off to Forthside, Melrose, Spreyton, Railton, Bridal Track, making our first stop at ETC for coffee and snacks. Afterwards rode around the Weetah loop road, Deloraine, loop road to Exton, back roads to Westbury, Birralee road, Four Springs, Rosevale, Bridgenorth and into Exeter bakery for lunch. Getting late, so rode home via Flowery gully, Beaconsfield, Howell, Frankford road. 

A bit cool still, but at least it didn't rain, all roads dry.
Thanks to those who participated in another good ride. 

GREG E  volunteer RC 

Tassie memorial ride 9/9/18

Weather forecast : possible showers  (they say that almost every day in Tassie, just to be on the safe side )        

                           :  windy (yep,sounds about right )                                    

                           :top temp of 16 (depending on where you are ).

Anyway, a few hardy souls from North west branch rode to Longford, meeting up with a few more hardy souls from the Tamar tourers group. After coffee and snacks, we all headed down to Campbelltown for a legstretch. Then over the Lake Leake road  (made for motorbikes we reckon )to meet up with the Hobart branch members at Swansea Bark Mill bakery. After lunch & a short service  (to remember fellow Ulyssians who have " ridden on " ),we gathered together for a group photo. Numbers were down a little this year  (probably due to weather forecast )so thanks to all that did attend. 

Greg Elson   # 41612

Bridport fish and chips ride 2/9/18

Better weather with 9 bikes turning up, including Greg,Russell, Rod, Ewald, Lyn,Graeme, Peter, John F and his son Mark. Rode down the Frankford highway, making our first stop at Exeter bakery .Then Sidmouth, Batman Bridge ,Mt Direction, Paling track, over to Pipers river road and into Bridport for lunch. Decided to ride back via Lillydale, Mt Direction, stopping at Exeter for a fuel topup, and home on the Frankford.  

 Good to see a few more turning up for the Sunday rides. 

Greg E   volunteer RC 
ps  still too cold for Cheryl yet

Mystery ride 26/8/18

With the weather looking a bit better than previous Sundays,decided to go on this ride, along with Ian, Colin, Lutz and Rod.We rode here, there, and everywhere.  


Evandale Pub Ride 8/7/18

Just Russell, Ian and myself on this cold morning which turned into a brilliant sunny winters day. Straight down the frankford hwy for a warm drink at Exeter bakery, then it was rosevears and legana, through lonny and out to Evandale where the pub was packed so around the corner to the bakery. We made the mistake of saying we were eating in and the bakery thinks they are in Melbourne, so at least 30 mins later we get served our pies on a plate with a bit of rabbitt food. $14 for a pie and bottle of iced choc , unbelievable. Wind was picking up so straight up the hwy to home. 

RC Shayne

Woolnorth ride 1/7/18

Only Russell and I turned up for this one. Weather was good when we left Burnie, but rode through a short shower on our way to Detention River shop. Foggo or Bob weren't there, so after consuming a couple of dimsims,and looking at the weather forecast for this area, decided to ride back home. One of the shortest rides we've done, but enjoyable anyway. 


Westbury for lunch 24/6/2018

Greg, Russell, Lyn, Ian and myself turned up for a magnificent winters day ride. Ian was on board his new spyder and pleased to be out on the road again. We headed to Spreyton onto sheffield rd to Sheffield, then over the Gog into Mole Ck for a leg stretch. Then it was out to South Mole CK, Meander, Golden valley, Bogans gap, Osmaston and to Andys for a lunch. After a feed Ian decided not to push things on the new toy and headed straight home while the four of us left went through Carrick, then turned off and dodged through Rosevale, Bridgenorth, Legana to Exeter. We then went Flowery Gully, Holwell and the Frankford hwy to the Cherry shed where we said our goodbyes.

R.C Shayne

Mystery ride 17/6/18

Greg, Russell, Lyn & John L fronted for this ride. Weather forecast was for fine but cold day, which might have kept a few away. Rode around the back roads of Burnie and Wynyard, that's all you need to know, otherwise it wouldn't be a mystery. 

Wilmot/Cethana ride 10/6/2018

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Lyn ,Colin and Martin turned up for this one. Weather was fine but cold, so headed off down the highway, turning off onto Native Plains road, Merseylea, Sunnyside, the loop road around the back of Railton, Stoodley cross road, making our first stop at Sheffield for coffee and snacks. Cheryl decided to ride home, as the cold was getting to her.The rest of us rode up to Staverton, Cethana, and into Wilmot for final legstretch.Home via Gentle Annie. Pretty cool ride weatherwise but most roads dry.Only a short ride, but enjoyable anyway. 

Greg E  volunteer RC 
Gunns plains area 3/6/2018

7 hardy souls turned up for this ride.  Left Burnie, riding up Old Surrey road, Ridgley ,turned down onto Guide Falls road, back along part of Tewksbury loop road to Highclere roadhouse for coffee and snacks. Then rode the entire Tewksbury loop road, Upper Natone, South Riana and down to Wings wildlife park for lunch. Afterwards rode numerous back roads, making our final stop at Ulverstone rowing club to say our goodbyes. Weather was fine but cool, no wind, roads a bit wet in sheltered areas,an excellent ride enjoyed by all. 

GREG E    volunteer RC 
Lilydale ride 27/5/2018

Greg, Cheryl, Lyn, Robbie, John F, MikeV, Howard, Shayne, Graeme and new rider Alice turned up for this ride. Left Devonport, riding through Spreyton, Nook, Sheffield, Bridal Track, stopping at ETC for morning coffee and snacks. Then rode down highway, into Deloraine, old road to Westbury, Birralee road to Exeter, Gravelly Beach, Sidmouth, then up the East Tamar highway, and into Lillydale cafe /milk bar for lunch. (The bakery we used to frequent has closed down ).Rode back via Mt Direction, Beaconsfield, Howell, Frankford road. Weather was fine but cool and all roads were dry.See you next time. 


Weymouth BBQ ride 6/5/2018

Greg, Cheryl, Mark, Colin, John F & son Mark fronted for this ride. Weather forecast was mostly fine, a bit windy,with the possibility of a few showers. Rode down the Frankford road, Howell, Beaconsfield, stopping at the Sidmouth shop, but found that it's not open on Sunday anymore. Desperately needed coffees, so rode into Georgetown to a cafe to quench our thirst. Then headed down the Bridport road, turning off onto the road to Weymouth. Had our byo/bbq lunches at the little park area there. Afterwards rode up Turners Marsh road, Lillydale road, then down the East Tamar highway to Exeter Bakery for final coffee and snacks. Home via Frankford road. 

Another great ride enjoyed by all. 

Greg E  RC 

Tarkine loop road 19/4/2018

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, John F & son Mark, MikeV, Lyn &George  (good to see him on the bike again )left Burnie, riding to Detention River shop, where Bob and Foggo were waiting. Then into Smithton for a fuel topup, before riding down to Arthur River shop for lunch. Afterwards rode the entire Tarkine loop, making our final stop back at Detention, then home. Weather was perfect, roads a little damp in places,but overall an excellent ride  (around 400 klms )for some of us. Thanks to those who participated, making it a great day. 

Greg E  RC  

Exeter for lunch 22/4/18

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Mark, Lyn, Robbie, John F & son (Mark )turned up for this ride. Finally, perfect weather for a Sunday, so we rode a fair few back roads, making our first legstretch at Sheffield. Then Stoodley, Bridal Track, Elizabeth Town, out onto Highway, Westbury, Birralee road, Rosevale, Bridgenorth,and into the Exeter Bakery for lunch. Afterwards rode back via Flowery gully, Beaconsfield, Howell, Frankford. Thanks to all participants for your company. 

Greg E  (stand in RC ) 

Someone got a new toy

25 Feb Great Lake.

In Great weather we had a Great ride to the Great Lake via the Exeter Highway Birralee Road Selbourne Hagley and Carrick making our first stop at Longford Bakery for Great Sausage Rolls.
Then it was up Tiers past Poatina to the Great Lake Pub where we grabbed lunch from the servo while being watched by a hungry hound (which unfortunately wasn't a Great Dane)
After feeding time we took the gravel road to complete the Lake circuit then it was Deloraine and Weetah and end of day refreshments at ETC.
Thanks Greg, Rod, Ewald, John, Robbie and Mark for a Great day out with Great Mates.

RC Ian.
Tewksbury loop road 18/2/18

Greg, Ewald, Colin, John L and Bob fronted for this one. Left Burnie, riding back to Heybridge,up to Cuprona,Camena,Natone, Riana, South Riana, Hampshire, making our morning tea / lunch stop at Highclere roadhouse. Upon leaving the roadhouse, Ewald suffered a rear tyre puncture (o no ,not a repeat of the Rossarden drama ),but, no, we were able to plug it successfully. We all rode back down the highway to start the Tewksbury loop road from that end,turning off onto the Guide Falls road, Ridgley and finishing the ride with a coffee at Crustys. Weather was absolutely perfect, cool, no wind, mostly clean roads.

Greg E RC 

Mole Creek ride 11/2/18

7 riders left Devonport for this one, turning right and out to Forth before turning towards wilmot for a leg stretch at Moina. Ian left us at Paloona as he was recovering from dental surgery and wasnt up for a big day. The remaining six went down over Cethana and over Round Mt to the Mole ck pub for some lovely pies and a cold drink. After lunch was a mish-mash of back roads in Caveside, Meander, Osmaston, Exton, Deloraine, Weegeena and Merseylea winding up at the cherry shed for an ice-cream. Great ride with great company.

RC Shayne

Rossarden ride 28/1/18

Well, last time we did this ride, we had dramas,this ride was no exception. Cheryl got an unfixable rear tire puncture on the Rossarden loop road, about 3 klms short of Avoca (Robert and I tried all the plugs and co2 cylinders we had to no avail initially, then resorted to the squirtin spray stuff as a last resort, and she was able to limp back to Avoca before it went dead flat again. To cut a long story short, I left Cheryl there and rode all the way back to Turners Beach to get the trailer. I left Avoca at 4.30 and by the time l got home, drove back, loaded bike, drove home, it was 11.30.It was around 37 degrees when were attempting the numerous tyre fixes, so, not much fun. Thanks to the other 5 riders for hanging around, especially Robert, (who I could tell was suffering in the heat ,)for all the help he offered. Before all this happened, we rode to Andys at Westbury for morning drinks, then to Avoca via Longford, Mt Joy, Campbell Town. Hottest ride we've been on for a long time, and apart from the drama, an enjoyable day regardless.

Greg E  RC 
Reece dam loop ride 21/1/18

Excellent turnup of 12 bikes  (good for a Sunday )-rode down the Hampshire road, having a comfort stop at Fossey river. Then onto Tullah cafe for drinks and snacks. Backtracked onto the Reese dam road  (fantastic road in summer )stopping in Zeehan for fuel (getting fuel via the card machine was quite a process ).then decided to ride back via Plimsoll road to Tullah again for a late lunch. Some rode home via Hampshire, some rode home via Cradle link, and either Cethana or Wilmot. 

GREG E volunteer RC 

Leven Canyon BBQ ride 14/1/18

8 riders fronted for this one. Sheffield for our first stop via numerous back roads. Then to Leven Canyon via numerous back roads. Then over to South Riana ,and home. Short, but enjoyable ride. 

Greg E RC

Wednesday ride 10/1/18  

Ride report thanks to TazMania......It appears the midweek riders are trying to break attendance records.....well done, but it seems they get lost just as easy on a work day as the weekend crew.

 Well, I'm not sure what to say about this weeks sunny mid-week ride, each time I took a photo two more bikes would arrive, there were eventually a total of 220 bikes... Okay then .. there were 22 bikes including two awesome Honda VFR anniversary editions .. At 11am we all left Ulverstone heading for Georgetown for lunch, and then that's when the fun started. Eventually 13 bikes arrived at Georgetown all seemingly going via a different route covering every possible combination of roads between the two towns , no-one is quite sure what happened to the other 9 bikes, they may well still be out there corner marking somewhere. I think this must be a record for the number of bikes lost during one run, I ended up doing 336km for the day I'm sure others did twice that.

Longford ride 7/1/18

Greg, Cheryl, Ian, Russell,Lin and myself were greeted with a lovely day for riding so we headed through Spreyton, Railton, Sunnyside and Weegeena into Deloraine for a leg stretch. Then it was Porters Rd to Exton, right to Osmaston, Glenore Bracknell and Bishopbourne before a lovely lunch at JJs bakery where the warm weather had us all reaching for iced coffees. After lunch we took Pateena rd to Travellers rest then thru rosevale, Bridgenorth and into Exeter for a quick stop. The plan was Flowery Gully and then Holwell to Frankford for a quick squirt home.Ians wrist was misbehaving so after Flowery Gully he went right back to Exeter and straight down the Frankford Hwy so as not to aggravate it. Surprisingly when we stopped at the East Dev roundabout to say our goodbyes Ian was right behind us. A great days ride.

Shayne RC

Hellyer Gorge ride 31/12/17

Greg, Mark, John F&son (Mark ),Robert from Port Sorell,Russell &Stewart /Michelle fronted for this, our final ride for 2017.Weather was ok when we left Burnie, but rode through a few short showers on our way through the Gorge, stopping at Waratah roadhouse for coffee and snacks. Afterwards, Stewart /Michelle decided they would ride back via Cradle link road, while the rest of us decided to head back to the coast in search of better weather.We rode back to Hampshire, did the Tewksbury loop, stopping for lunch at Highclere road house .As the weather was much better, we rode back down the highway, turning off onto South Riana road, Gunns Plains, Preston, Wilsonia road, Isandula &then home. Iffy day weatherwise but all enjoyed the ride.   

GREG E volunteer RC

Roseberry, Lake Plimsol ride 19/11/17

11 bikes left Burnie, riding via Yolla, Hellyer Gorge, making our first stop at Waratah roadhouse. Then rode over Mt Black, Rosebery, into Zeehan and into Strahan for lunch. After refueling bodies and bikes, we rode back to the Queenstown road, then around the Plimsoll road, stopping at Tullah cafe for cool drinks and ice creams  (unseasonably warm day ).The Burnie riders travelled back via Hampshire road, while the rest of us went via Cradle link road, Moina, Wilmot and home. About 460 klms for Cheryl and I.Another excellent ride.

Bothwell ride 5/11/17

Good weather greeted 9 bikes for this ride. Decided to ride up the highway to Andys at Westbury for coffee and snacks. Backtracked to Deloraine, Golden Valley, Great Lake, stopping at the pub carpark for legstretch. Rode down to Bothwell  (bakery that we used to frequent has closed for good )so we had lunch at the pub.After refueling the bikes, we rode back down Poatina hill and into Longford bakery for last stop. Highway to home. Thanks to those who participated. Good ride, good company. 

Greg E  RC 

Prostate cancer ride 15/10/2017

Hooray ! a fantastic weather day for a change. 15 bikes fronted for this ride. Rode straight down highway, meeting with the Tourers at Longford for coffee and snacks. With the 14 of them we were very happy with the numbers. Rode up Poatina ,past Arthurs lake and into the Great Lake pub carpark. Upon arrival, there were a lot of Harley Davidsons (on a group run )plus quite a few trailer boats, no point waiting forever for lunch, so decided to ride back to Deloraine. After drinks and food, a few decided to ride back via Mole Creek, the Gog and have final snacks and ice creams at Sheffield before heading home. Thanks to all participants and the donations. 

Greg E  RC 

Bridport fish and chips 1/10/2017

Greg, Cheryl, Colin and Mike V fronted for this ride. Weather was fine for a change, so we rode down the Frankford road, over Howell, stopping at Sidmouth shop for coffee and snacks. Then rode past Bell Bay, turning off onto the road to Bridport. Parked outside the top fish and chip shop (as i knew the Tourers favoured this one )and as we were waiting for our orders, about 10 tourers arrived.( We are trying to coordinate our rides more so we get to know them better )After much catching up and chatting, northwest crew decided to ride back via Scottsdale, Lillydale, Lalla,Mt Direction and into Exeter for final coffee and snacks at the Bert Munro cafe for a change. After fuel topup ,rode home down the Frankford.   

Greg E  RC 

Wynyard back roads 17/09/2017

Only Greg, Cheryl, Ian and John L turned up for this ride. Weather was fine but cool. Decided to change from Wynyard area to West Pine,Riana, Natone, Upper Stowport, Ridgley, stopping at Highclere shop for coffee and snacks. John left us there, with the rest of us riding around the Tewksbury loop road, Upper Natone, and into South Riana, where Ian left as well. Cheryl and I decided to ride down to Wings wildlife park for lunch, and afterwards rode home via Preston, Sprent and Kindred. 

GREG E  volunteer RC

Memorial ride 10/09/2017

Excellent turnup of 12 bikes left Devonport, riding down the highway to meet the Tourers at Longford this time, as there were road works from Perth to past Symmons Plains, they said it was best to avoid that part of the highway. About 20 Tourers fronted, so we rode down the Mt Joy road to Campbelltown for coffee and snacks. Then rode over Lake Leake and into Swansea, meeting with the Hobart branch. After a short service by yours truly, most Northwesters and a few Northerners decided to ride back via Bicheno, Elephant Pass, St Marys, Fingal, Avoca, stopping at Epping Forest for a break. Cheryl and I clocked up 558 klms for the day. Decent day for a change ,and fantastic roads wherever we went. Thanks to those who participated in remembering our fellow Ulyssians who have " ridden on " .   

Greg E  RC 

The not quite to Stanley ride  20/8/17

With the weather looking a bit better than previous Sundays, Cheryl & I decided to front up for this ride. Only Mike V & Colin joined us, so off to Detention River we rode, thinking we might come across Bob,but alas ,he must be touring the world again. On the way down, Colin's engine light came on, so he decided to ride back home. The three of us decided to have coffee and snacks & after talking to a circular head local who said it was raining in Smithton, decided to head back, riding the Montuma loop road, Table Cape, and into Kimmies for lunch. Small amount of rain happening, so rode up Mount Hicks road to Yolla, then highway to home.   

Greg E volunteer RC 

Carrick pub lunch ride    27/8/17

Cool, calm,fine winters day for a change, with Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Ian, Ewald & John F turning up. Lutz was meant to be ride leader, but he's in Queensland. Decided to ride to Deloraine via Spreyton, Railton, Sunnyside, Kimberly, Weegena, Red Hills for coffee and snacks. Afterwards, rode around the loop road to Exton, Westbury ,to Carrick pub, and had lunch at the attached cafe .Rode back via Westwood, Selbourne, Birralee, Frankford road. 

 Very enjoyable ride. 

GREG E volunteer RC 

Longford Bakery  23 July.

Greg, Peter, Mike and myself set out on a very dubious weatherwise day playing dodge the showers but not good enough as we got caught somewhere around Kimberly so it was a quick dash to Deloraine to wait it out in Sullivans and after consulting the weather radar we decided to go to Exeter Bakery instead as it looked a lot brighter over the Tamar Valley.
Again checking the radar after lunch it looked like rain coming in across the northwest by mid afternoon so being the hardy souls that we are we decided a short afternoon ride would be prevalent.
We went to Beaconsfield via Rowella then through Flowery Gully making a right to Glengarry and then up the Exeter Highway taking in Port Sorrell on the way back for an early finish...Too early as it turned out as it didn’t rain...Oh bugger.
Never mind I enjoyed the ride and thanks for the turn out on such a dodgy day.

RC Ian.

Bridport fish and chips ride 16/7/2017

Only Greg, Mark and Gary turned up for this ride,which is fair enough considering the weather forecast wasn't looking real flash. Decided to ride via Frankford road, making our first stop at Sidmouth shop for coffee and snacks. With the weather looking a bit better, rode up to Georgetown ,then into Bridport, parking outside the fish and chips shop at the top end of town. Were supposed to meet up with Tourers, but with the weather being a bit iffy, they probably stayed closer to home  (can't blame them for that ).After having our fish and chips rode back to Exeter Bakery for final coffee and home. Fairly cool ride, but enjoyable none the less. 

Greg E   RC 

Tamar valley ride 9/7/2017

A very average day, but still 5 hardy souls went a-ridin. Myself, colin, mike, lutz and peter headed up the Frankford hwy turning at the Glengarry shop through flowery gully, beaconsfield, beauty pt, rowella and gravelly beach area before stopping at exeter bakery for some lovely hot coffee and pastries to warm us up. After lunch we went to legana then followed bridgenorth road through rosevale and past quamby golf course to hagley. The plan was to do some back roads around westbury and deloraine, however it had gotten very foggy and misty, not to mention cold so we headed up the hwy to elizabeth town roadhouse for some fuel. The sun was shining so we decided to shoot up the hwy for coffee to finish the day at the berry patch.

R.C Shayne R

Woolnorth wind farm ride 2/7/2017

Good weather greeted an excellent turnup of 10 riders, which included Greg, Cheryl, Ewald, Mark, Lutz, Colin ×2,Rod,Shayne and new member Jim on his brand new, one day old, latest model Vstrom 650.

Rode to Detention River shop, like we normally do, where coffee and snacks were welcome.Bob wasn't there, so must be touring the world again. Rode to Stanley, turning left to Forest, to Edith Creek, back to Smithton, onto Montagu road, ending up at wind farm carpark .As time was getting away, decided to return to Detention River shop for late lunch, straight down the highway to home. A little cool, but thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Thanks to all participants. 
Greg E  RC 

Exeter Bakery 18 June.

It was a clear Winter’s day and 6 of us rolled up Greg, Colin, Mark and John along with his son who is also called Mark too ( pun intended )
We went over Victoria Bridge and headed for Port Sorrell then took the Exeter Highway for a short distance coming off at Chapel Road going to the Bass Highway and making a left at the Big Spud doing Merseylea again as I can't help myself since it has reopened, then it was Kimberley to Deloraine for our first pit stop.
To round off the morning it was Westbury, Birralee and Exeter Bakery for pies all round. Afterwards we went towards Beaconsfield but turned off for a fang through Flowery Gully back to Exeter, then we took in Rosevale and Frankford to finish the day fairly early at Wesley Vale before the sun got to low.

Very enjoyable ride RC Ian

The "nowhere near Gunns Plains" ride 11/6/2017

With the weather looking iffy again, I didn't expect any takers ,but lo and behold, Shayne and Colin rocked up. First off, we decided to go and check out the new bridge at Merseylea ,a pretty solid concrete 2 lane affair, with about a third of it that enables the property owner to run his cows across when required. Rode through Sunnyside, Railton and into Sheffield, where hot coffee and snacks where welcome. With the weather looking more than iffy, we decided to call it quits and headed home. Only a short ride, but enjoyable anyway.
Greg E  RC 

Round mountain ride 4/6/2017

8 riders fronted for a chilly but excellent days ride. We left Spreyton via sheffield rd and went through acacia hills, nook , lower barrington and staverton and then turned onto the mountain for a very spirited run over the hill and down into the mersey valley for a leg stretch at mole ck. As it was only 11:30 i decided to go south mole ck, caveside and western ck on the way to meander and into deloraine for lunch. After fuelling our bodies we toured quamby brook, osmaston, whitemore and biralee to the frankford hwy where we headed to wesley vale to say goodbye and get home for a nice hot drink. Another great day in the saddle.

RC Shayne Robertson

Tewksbury ride 28/5/2017

Weather forecast wasn't looking good, but I decided to ride down to Burnie to see if anyone turned up. I was just about to go on a shorter ride by myself, then David from Devonport arrived. He was keen, so I decided to follow my initial ride route, going up Stowport road, Natone, Hampshire, Tewksbury loop road, Highclere, Ridgley, Burnie, stopping for lunch at Crustys Bakery .Never got wet,but with ominous clouds looming, decided to call it quits. 


Leven canyon BBQ ride 21/5/2017

After such a wet day yesterday, I thought we might not get a ride happening today, but low and behold, 4 intrepid souls turned up.With Greg leading Shayne, Mark and David up to Lower Wilmot, Spellmans bridge and into Leven Canyon for an early lunch. As the weather looked like it was closing in a bit, decided to ride back to Penguin via Gunns Plains, South Riana, for a final coffee and snacks. 

GREG E    volunteer RC 

Mystery Ride 14 May.

And Sooo it Will Remain !!!
And what a cracking ride it was thanks to Greg, Cheryl, Shayne, Colin, Chris and Jenny.

RC Captain Secret. 

Far NW ride 7/5/2017

I wasn't expecting many to turn up for this ride as the weather was ordinary at best, but along came Greg, Les ,Ian, Colin, Ewald & possible new member Jenny.We rode to Detention River shop as we normally do, where Bob and John L joined us. Ewald decided to go back home when we reached Smithton, as did Ian,with the rest of us riding to Arthur River shop for a very light lunch. Weather was still ordinary, but decided to do half the Tarkine loop road, turning off at Kununnah bridge, through Roger River, Edith Creek and back to Detention River shop again for last coffee and snacks, fuel etc. Thanks to the hardy souls that endured the ordinary weather and road conditions.

Greg E  RC 

Beauty Pt ride 30/4/2017

Well, a few of us had the electrical gremlins attack today, first with Cheryls bike even before we left the driveway, it started, then died, wouldnt restart, so back into the shed it went. Then at Homemakers, Shaynes bike had battery dramas and was dead also. As Shayne was out of action , Greg led Les,David C, Colin and Stewart /Michelle to Deloraine via Spreyton, Railton, Sunnyside, Elizabeth Town for morning coffee stop. Upon arrival there, I informed David that his headlight had died, luckily it was only low beam that had blown .Then rode around the loop road to Exton, Westbury, Rosevale,Legana, Exeter, and into Beauty Point fish and chips shop for lunch. Rode back via Howell, Frankford road.    

Greg E stand in RC     

PS . Cheryls bike started properly when I got home, so I can only assume a bit of moisture might have got in something, but time will tell. 

Promised Land and Wilmot ride 16/04/2017

After last weeks ride was abandoned due to very inclement weather, it was good to get back on the bike for this one. Greg, Russell, Lutz & possible new member Scott headed out to Spreyton, Kelsey Tier, Buster Hill, Paloona, down Don hill, Nook &into Sheffield for morning snacks. Then rode up to West Kentish,Staverton,Promised Land, Cethana, Wilmot, Spellmans bridge, Castra,Gunns Plains, stopping for lunch at South Riana shop for a change. Then around some back roads near Riana, Natone and Penguin, where we said our goodbyes. Happy Easter. 

Greg E volunteer RC 

Mole creek pub ride  26/03/2017

The ride calendar said lunch at Mole Creek Pub but as they were holding a Music Festival we decided to go elsewhere. 
Nine riders turned out on what was promising to be a good day and amazingly 6 of them were Committee members; and that’s got to be a first.
We went via Forth, Wilmot, Moina and made our first pit stop at Sheffield.  Before leaving we had decided go down the Bridal Path but there was a sign for road works on the Bridal Path just before the junction and wanting to avoid them I pointed it out to Shayne who was following me and he naturally thought I was asking him to corner mark but I stayed on the main road going left while he sat there signalling right....confusion rained yet again.  We got over that one and carried on through Kimberley, Weegena, and Red Hills to our usual lunch stop at Sullivans in Deloraine.
After lunch we took Reedy Marsh road to go up to Golden Valley down to Meander across to Montana then along to Mole Creek for a leg stretch. Then it was over the Gog to wind up the day at Sheffield and thanks to Greg, Cheryl, Shayne, Peter, Lutz, John, Lynn and Graham for making it a great day.

RC.  Ian.

Cradle link Rd to Waratah lunch ride 19/03/2017

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Ian, Shayne, Bruce, Les &Colin fronted for this ride. Great weather forecast, so we rode out around Forthside, Melrose, Paloona, up Gentle Annie hill, stopping at Wilmot for coffee and legstretch. Then up to Moina ,onto Cradle road, link road to Murchison Highway &into Waratah Roadhouse for lunch. The road to Savage River was irresistible, so we decided to ride it while we were down that way. Made our way back via Hellyer Gorge, Yolla,Burnie, highway to home. 

Another great ride enjoyed by all. 

Greg E  RC 

Tullah lunch ride 5/3/2017

Greg, Cheryl, Ewald, Ian and Geoff turned up for this longish ride. Weather was perfect  (where were you all? )Rode down through Hellyer Gorge, making our first stop at Waratah roadhouse, where Ewald noticed his back brake pads where worn through to the disc,so he decided to ride back. Geoff decided to leave us  (aches and pains )at Tullah, so with only 3 of us left, we rode around the Reese dam road to Zeehan where we had lunch. For the ride home, we went over the Cradle link road, Wilmot and home. Another great ride  


Greg E volunteer RC 

Royal George ride 26/2/2017

Excellent weather saw 9 bikes turnup for the ride. Left Devonport, riding down Bass Highway to Perth Roadhouse for morning snacks. Then down to Avoca, turning onto Royal George road  (most riders had never been there before ).Its bitumen for about 20 klms then turns to gravel; at which point we turned around and headed back to Avoca, onto Fingal, then around the Rossarden loop road and back into Avoca for lunch and refuel. Rode back down Bass Highway to ETC for afternoon legstretch and then home. It turned out to be quite an adventurous ride! 

Top day 
Top company 
 See ya next time 

Greg E    RC 

Great lakes ride 19/2/2017

With the weather forecast iffy to say the least I didn’t expect anyone to roll up but when I arrived, there was Shayne, Lutz and Dave E waiting to see if I rolled up.
Not to be deterred we set off down the Exeter Highway deciding to reassess the situation at Longford Bakery and on our way we were joined by Graham Hayes who thought the ride started at 11 am !!!
It looked fairly clear up the mountain but we knew rain was coming so we decided to ride to the top junction, where the temperature had dropped 10 degrees and then come straight back down and as Graham had gone home and Lutz had decided to do a lap round the lake 3 of us ended up having a late lunch at the little Bakery next to the pub at Cressy and I must report that it’s ok as well.
After checking the rain radar on Shayne’s phone we decided it was time for a quick dash home down the highway and it nearly worked as it didn’t start persisting down till Elizabeth Town.
Thanks those who come and hope you didn’t get too wet.

 RC Ian.

Sidling ride 5/2/2017

Greg, Cheryl, Rob,Lutz, Lyn & MikeV  turned up for this one. Weather was a bit iffy with a few showers forecast but everyone was keen ,so decided to make a run up the highway, stopping at Andys for drinks and snacks. Got a little bit wet getting there but nothing a coffee didn't fix.Lyn didn't have any waterproofs ,so decided to ride back down the Frankford to home. As the weather was clearing,the rest of us decided to carry on with the ride, going through Launceston ,onto Tasman highway, over the Sidling and into Scottsdale for lunch. Afterwards we rode back via Lillydale, Mt Direction, Exeter, Frankford.  Only got a little bit more weather on the way back, but overall we were pretty lucky. 

Greg E    volunteer RC 

Stanley fish and chips ride 29/1/2017

Excellent turn-up of 13 bikes left Burnie riding down the highway to Detention River shop where Bob and Foggo were waiting. After snacks and drinks we headed up to Trowutta ,around the tarkine loop road, over Kununnah bridge, and into Stanley minimart for our fish and chips for a change. Flake was very good, chips excellent. The staff were flat out cooking all our orders but did a good job. Back to Detention for a refuel and home.     

Greg E  volunteer RC 

Longford bakery 22/1/2017

Now that the Christmas and New year festivities are finally over we are starting to get back into the swing of things with 9 riders turning up initially, I say initially because one person who shall remain anonymous ( but we will call him Bruce ) went to C Max and arrived just as we were leaving.
Under way on a glorious day we went via Port Sorell, Holwell, Beaconsfield and Flowery Gully making our first pit stop at Exeter. Then it was Bridgenorth, Rosevale and Hagley to Longford.
After lunch we took the back roads through Bishopsbourne and Bracknel to Deloraine making a left towards Meander then taking in Montana on our way for our arvo pit stop at Mole Creek. This is where Shayne announced that he had to go because he had to sort a Beam out but we decided it was probably a Jim Beam so that was all right.
The last leg was Oliver's Road passing the Mount Claude look out on our way to wind up the day at Sheffield.
Another superb riding day thanks to all who came 

RC Ian.

Beauty point fish and chips 15/1/2017

Greg, Cheryl, Russell, Steve, John F and his son Mark turned up for this one. Weather was pretty good so rode down the highway, turning off at Sassafras, onto Frankford road, Birralee road, past 4 springs ,down Eccleston road, Legana,Exeter, Flowerdale road, Beaconsfield and into Beauty Point for lunch. Afterwards rode back via Howell, Frankford.
Greg E  RC 

New years day ride report 1/1/2017

Owing to a slight hiccup with the 3 monthly ride calendar not being available, Ian sent out Januarys rides via email so we could get the ball rolling. Greg, Cheryl & John F fronted for the first ride of the new year. The new Homemakers departure point is a great idea as its a lot easier to get in and out of. Rode through Spreyton, up Railton road ,Kimberly, stopping at ETC for lunch. Then around Weetah road, Deloraine, back roads to Mole Creek, Olivers road, Cethana,Wilmot, Spellmans bridge, Sprent,Ulverstone and home.Overcast weather, but perfect for riding. Happy New Year to you all and see you on a ride soon.  

Greg E  volunteer RC 

Photos and captions courtesy Mark Medwin

The Greg Elson hand pizza didn't sell well                       Brrrrr lets not go to the great lakes pleeeeeease