Committee Members

President:     Ian Grant                                       6427 0090 / 0400 190 533           

Vice President and Ride Co-ordinator:

                    Greg Elson                                     0419 592 580                               

Secretary:     Robin Smith                                   6429 3291 / 0419 143 688          

Webmaster:  Shayne Robertson                          64253235 / 0418 141 901           

Treasurer:    Phil Reeves                                      see below

Committee:  Cheryl Calverley                              0419114376                                

                    Peter Wright                                   64261588 / 0419 357 407           

                    Phil Reeves                                     64256865                                    

                    Dave Eglin

                    Trevor Curran

                    Mark Medwin

                    Les Simpson

If you have a question about anything to do with the ulysses club please do not hesitate to contact one of the committee members.

                                                                                 Presidents Report 2020

Despite being a strange year, and that's all I'm saying, we still managed to get in quite a few rides and overnighters,

In February the Wednesday group stayed overnight at Beaumaris and then there was a bit of a gap to the next which was an all branch get together overnighting at Tullah Lodge and lastly in November we stayed at Scamander, I am mentioning these because it was almost unanimously agreed that these should be annual events.

Unfortunately Tullah clashed with the Pink Ribbon Ride and proceeds would have been down if Les and Marg hadn't organised a raffle with 5 of Robbie's Hand made pens as prizes which he donated, this boosted the fund to nearly $300 so well done. But I also have to mention the bad as well as the good and that is after the money was taken to the Cancer Council they failed to issue a Cancer Council receipt despite repeated requests,which in my opinion is bad.

We finished the year with a well attended barbeque at our place in December so thanks to Dave, Skip, Les and Rob with your help with that.

Also thanks Phil for keeping us amusingly up to date on Facebook and all those who donated prizes for the raffle at our Monthly Counter Meal.

Ian Grant President 43027

                                                                                  Presidents report 2019

I am  happy to report that nothing much changed this year except that we appear to have more people attending  the monthly counter meal at Bass and Flinders, also the night away at Tullah Lodge worked out very well, with a good number of Tourers joining us for the first time.
We have done plenty of riding often going back to the same old places several times, But the destination is not necessarily the priority, it’s riding our bikes with your mates and having a great day out and about, or is it? No it’s the advice, help and mutual support you get from other members throughout the year that counts.
I have been involved in numerous organisations over the years and I can honestly say that when you need a hand with something (anything) there is always someone there to help, and may it always be so.
Without naming anyone I would like to thank all those who made a special effort this year to keep us up and running
Ian Grant
President #43027
                                                                               Presidents report 2018

Another year gone and several more miles under our belts and significantly several of us clocked up the big seven 0 with my birthday coinciding “accidently” with the successful night away at Tullah Lodge which everyone thoroughly enjoyed and agreed that it should be an annual event.
Again we seem to be going against the trend with our branch gaining members where as nationally numbers are down, so welcome to the new members who helped make one of our Wednesday rides a record with a turn out of 22.
The new venue for our monthly counter meal can only be deemed a success with the consensus of opinion being that we should have done it long ago and that's no small thanks to our congenial hosts Bill and Mary.
Without going in to specifics I would like to say yet again thankyou to all of you who made an extra effort to make this a year worth remembering. Which beings me to a conundrum I have been pondering for years, does motorcycling bring out the best in people or do the best people ride motorbikes, if you work it out let me know.
Ian Grant
NW Coast Tas

                                                          PRESIDENTS REPORT 2017

You are never too old to enjoy yourself, to me those poignant few words said by motorcycle journalist Roy Poynting sums up our Ulysses Club completely.
As we are all getting older and starting to retire our self preservation desire and tastes thankfully change resulting in a significant swing to more people on the Wednesday Rides with smaller more comfortable manageable bikes, and by that I don't mean slower, which we try to ride at a steadier I will amend that, some try to ride at a steadier pace.             
The starting point from the Home Maker Centre for Sunday rides has worked well and the rides are still just as popular as ever with no small thanks going to Greg for taking on 90% of the Ride Captain duties.
Again thank you Jill and Brian for all the effort you put into hosting our Christmas Barbeque and Kimbra who magnificently decorated and then compared the Christmas in July at Kindred Hall.
Also thanks to all those who donated prizes for our monthly raffle at the counter meal.
And I can't leave out the Committee for praise as quite frankly this branch of our club just wouldn't be here without them.
Lastly I would like to say welcome to the new members who have joined our Branch this year and are hopefully enjoying our company and fabulous Tassie Roads.

Ian Grant


Firstly as last year I would like to welcome our new members, who I am very happy to say are not just riding but joining our social events as well.
Riding was “interesting” this year with it being one of the wettest on record and many of our favourite roads getting washed out and closed because of the floods, but we still managed to ride and loved it as usual.
The Pink Ribbon Ride was quite a success despite being down on numbers, with the Hobart branch not participating, however we still raised $721.00 on the day, so thankyou volunteers for your time and effort, as we provided the catering, it is much appreciated. I must also mention Banjo’s Campbell Town, who donated the bread and Mersey Bank Apartments who donated the $50 fuel voucher for the raffle and I can't go past our committee who unanimously agreed that our branch should sponsor the rest of the expenses.
Also thankyou to all who organised our various social functions throughout the year and a special mention to Kimbra who went out of her way with decorations at the Christmas counter meal.

Ian Grant
# 43027


Branch President’s Annual Report 2014

Where did last year go, I suppose listings things chronologically would help me remember. 

January. We held our well attended Branch AGM where all of the previous years committee stood 

again for election in their existing roles and were subsequently re-elected. 

February. The Ulverstone Bike Show….The less said about that the better. 

March. Our now annual Poker Run and the most successful to date with exactly 100 riders taking 

part and raising the fantastic total of $4935 for Camp Quality. 

April. Plenty of riding especially with the introduction of the rides now taking place every 


May. Many of our branch members getting exited with 39 of us heading for the national AGM at 

 Alice Springs. 

June. Lots of us just returning from the AGM ; Then a quick rethink when we found out almost 

accidently that Devonport RSL had cancelled their Christmas in July without telling us. 

July. Some quick decisions were made by the committee when we realised that it was too late to get 

our contingent in somewhere else for Christmas in July so we decided to do it ourselves with Ben 

securing the Ulverstone Bowls Club and the band and the rest of us doing what was required to make it 

a brilliant night, we even made a modest profit for the first time ever. 

August. Winter rides with some amazing turn outs. 

September. Ben calls it a day as Webmaster and Ride Coordinator to enjoy his retirement and to be 

able to travel at will without lugging around all the necessaries. 

Shayne Robertson takes on the role of Webmaster and Peter Carne as Ride Coordinator. 

October. Summer is on the way so again plenty of riding. 

Shayne gets our new website up and running. 

November. One of our main social gatherings of the year at Brian and Jill’s barbeque always a great 

night with plenty of fun and tall stories. 

Jill and Margaret organized the Christmas Hamper to raffle at the counter meal and raised $161.40. 

December. Last few rides this year then Christmas again and recharge for next year. 

Now I know where it went and what a year it was. 


Our monthly counter meals were well attended and as many of the raffle prizes were donated this 

helped towards raising the necessary funds to keep our branch running and make our annual $500 

donation to UCAF and I will have to mention again Margaret and Jill’s supper Hamper effort. 

My thanks to the Committee and all the volunteers at various events who are to numerous to mention 

individually also the Ride Captains, T.E.C. and all those who donated gold coins. 

Please Note our branch AGM will be after the counter meal at the Forth Pub on the 24th of February so 

come along and help elect your 2015 committee. 

Ian Grant 

President North West coast Branch. 

Branch President’s Annual Report 2013

Having nearly completed my first year as President, I would like to say what an eventful year it was.

Despite the many cancelled rides and subsequently the loss of gold coin donations we still managed to almost break even financially.

We successfully organised several events, beginning with our first Poker Run that was open to all and with over 100 people participating managing to raise $3700.00 for Camp Quality.

Next we had our Xmas in July at the Devonport RSL club, which was organised by Peter Carne and is always a great night.

Then it was our turn to host the Pink Ribbon Ride BBQ, where we managed to break the record raising a fantastic $2312.00 for The Cancer Council.

We finished the year with our Christmas BBQ at Jill and Brians’, where they spared no effort with their hospitality. So thanks yet again.

In between all this we had many excellent rides and 10 of our members completed a Senior First Aid course which had a focus on Motorcycle related injuries.

Peter and Hilaire Carne designed and organised our own branch shirts, which had an uptake of over 50 so far. Another great effort.

Our monthly counter meals at the Forth pub were well attended, with the raffle being our biggest fund raiser for club expenses and most of the prizes were donated. Once again thank you Jill and Margaret for co-ordinating the Christmas Hamper.

I would like to thank the committee for their unselfish work throughout the year, all the volunteers at various functions, the ride Captains and T.E.C, all those selling raffle tickets and donating prizes who are too numerous to mention individually and Eileen for a much appreciated hand with the paperwork.

Lastly I would like to welcome our new members who joined this year and hope you enjoy being part of our group.

Please note our Branch AGM will be held after the counter meal at the Forth pub on the 28th of January, come along and elect your 2014 committee.

Ian Grant

President North West Coast Branch.